Sir Lord Keenan Kester Cofield

Judges described Cofield as a "con artist"... "the most litigious inmate in the system." By the time Cofield
contacted the Lackses about suing Hopkins, he'd been banned from filing lawsuits in at least two counties.
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, pg. 227

Sir Cofield was the first person to alert the Lacks’ family as to what happened to Henrietta’s cells. He was thought to be a distant relative and portrayed himself as a lawyer and a doctor, but was neither. He told the family that the doctors who treated Henrietta had no license that the family should copyright her cells and that Henrietta was misdiagnosed from the start. In fact, Sir Cofield has a long history of frivolous lawsuits and had served time in prison. Yet his interaction with the family fueled their suspicions.